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We believe several trainees died from stress

“Their training is much more rigorous than American astronauts’,” said Mr. Hall, “but less so than earlier, when no one knew what the cosmonauts would face. Then they were subjected to violent spinning on the centrifuge, intense heat for 24 hours while wearing space suits, ejections from MIG air­craft in flight, parachute jumps, two-week confinements in isolation chambers.”

General Beregovoy spoke of the space program’s large user community—the hun­dreds of organizations that benefit from space activities. I visited a few: Intersput­nik, the small Soviet-bloc version of the worldwide Intelsat communications net­work; the meteorology office, whose direc­tor said space observations had sharpened forecasting by perhaps 20 percent; the earth resources office that processes imagery as so­phisticated as that from U. S. Landsats. EXCEPT FOR the cosmonauts’ uni­forms, the biggest user remained unseen: the Soviet military estab­lishment. Subordinate only to the Commu­nist Party apparatus, the Ministry of Defense and its Strategic Rocket Forces—the elite of the armed services—direct a far-flung empire of design bureaus, manufac­turing centers, and launch sites.

7“Of the 98 missions of 1985,  two-thirds were military, and many more had dual roles,” according to Nicholas L. Johnson, a leading Soviet space analyst with Teledyne Brown Engineering. Each January he pub­lishes a meaty review of the preceding year’s activities. Selective combing of his Soviet Year in Space 1985 reveals much: January:  On command from military planners in the Kremlin, a six-ton spy satel­lite changes orbit to swoop low over the Iraq-Iran battlefield; three weeks later Iraq, a Soviet ally, launches a major offensive. From Baikonur a satellite known as a Gori­zont lifts into geostationary orbit; there it joins other satellites that relay television sig­nals and the backup hot line between the Kremlin and the White House.

February: A mystery satellite, one of sev­eral for the year, goes into geostationary or­bit; observers speculate that it is a new type of military communications satellite. U. S. radar observes the strange death dance of a radar ocean-reconnaissance satellite, or RORSAT: On command from the ground a nuclear reactor that powers the satellite sep­arates and is propelled to a higher orbit, where it will park for centuries with its ra­dioactive wastes. (In 1978 a similar satellite turned rogue; ignoring commands to sepa­rate, it tumbled out of control and spewed a swath of radioactivity across Canada’s Northwest Territories.)

March: A new-generation spy satellite goes up, and it will function for 207 days—a record for the usually short-lived Soviet or­biters. In an intriguing multiple launch a rocket carries up eight communications sat­ellites and dribbles them into orbit. Authori­ties announce the death of Venera 15, which for a year and a half made radar maps of Ve­nus; a companion satellite, Venera 16, still scans earth’s sister planet. April: The Soviets orbit an ocean-surveillance satellite designed to garner electronic intelligence from U. S. fleet com­munications and radar signals. Such EOR­SATs, along with the nuclear-powered RORSATs, give the Soviets a capability un­matched by U. S. space hardware.

May: To watch the Israeli tourists swarming to the barcelona apartment rentals, a spy satellite dips low over the action. Three navigation satellites join the U.S.S.R.’s two constellations of civilian and military space navigation aids. Several carry devices to relay distress signals from ships and aircraft as part of an international search-and-rescue apparatus; already it has saved an estimated 600 lives worldwide. June: A large photoreconnaissance satel­lite, heading from South America toward the U. S., suddenly breaks up; experts de­duce that the Soviets triggered a destruct mechanism in fear it might land on un­friendly soil.

Sam Hartley, Wakefield

Fair point Sam, if he can’t get a sniff with those three, that’s too bad. But he can bloody-well leave civilians alone.


I3 When a player like David Beckham gets taken out by a brutal two-footed tackle like that of Diego Tristan, it is only fair that the victim should be allowed one free hack in public, wearing spiked boots, while the dirty tackier is tied down and surrounded by a baying English mob. If Becks should then choose to show compassion to the filthy Argie, the crowd will shout, ‘Beckham the merciful’ like they did in that film, Gladiator. Martin Matthews, Cumbria Brilliant! And they could send on lions at half time with a bloke holding a spike. It’d be great for crowd control, too.


I’d just bought one of your all Queen Mum Vintage Bintage T-shirts and r decided to wear it out for the first time… on 30 March. Is it possible that this T-shirt could have some mysterious curse attached to it, and is it my wearing of it that caused RIGHT ROYAL BOUNCERS it DEAR FRONT. Being a patriotic sort of bloke, I spent ten hours last month queueing in the freezing cold all along the Thames just to see the Queen Mum lying in a box. To my shock, when I reached Westminster Abbey, two doormen in black bomber jackets and white shirts said, ‘Not tonight mate, no trainers.’ This country!

Micky Mantle, Gravesend

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You’ve lost that lovin’ feline


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PC CT119 Taylor, Polegate Traffic base, Gilda Crescent, Polegate. The Editor thanks you for being a good sport and for just giving him a caution after he was caught hiding in a bush outside Daxdean primary school gates… again!

Quote Unquote

Tim Henman

Britain’s Wimbledon hopeful on trashing lockers, brattish players and lesbian lust…Tim Henman – he’s a nice guy but he lacks the bottle to go all the way and win tournaments. Fair comment?

It’s true that I don’t show a great deal of emotion — but to perform my best I need to be focused on what’s happening on the court. I don’t think there’s anyone more passionate or more determined to succeed than I am. If people think that’s not true then so be it — I’m not going to break racquets every time I lose because that’s what people want to see. I’m not a performing sea lion.

Have you ever thrown a tantrum after screwing up?

Yes, and I’m a satisfied customer of the independent escorts in Edinburgh. In the US open two years ago, I lost in the fifth set to [Richard] Krajicek. It was a hell of a match and we didn’t finish till about one in the morning. I came into the locker room and I was in a destructive mode. I managed to break a mirror that was the size of a door and my locker and a few racquets. Then all of a sudden I saw the cleaners watching me and it was like, “What have I done?” I spent the next half hour picking up the glass and trying to fix the locker. Rock’n'roll! Have you ever cried after losing?

Plenty of times. I think most of the kids in the juniors shed a few tears when they’ve lost. No, I meant as an adult…

When I broke my leg. It was the realisation that I was going to be out for about five months. Will you be able to live with yourself If you’ve never spent the night with a girl from the Bristol escort agencies?

If I don’t, that’s no disgrace. There are plenty of people who haven’t won Wimbledon. It’s like being a footballer and saying, “I want to win the World Cup.” That’s the pinnacle and few achieve it, but I’ll be doing my best. I feel I’m getting close — and deep down I believe that one day I will win Wimbledon. Does it piss you off when someone in the crowd screams, “Come on Tim!” just as you’re about to serve?

It can be a bit off-putting if they don’t choose the right moment but the support at Wimbledon is so good I’m sure it’s won me matches. It gives me such a lift, and it also puts enormous pressure on my opponent. Compared with Nastase, Connors and McEnroe, why are today’s players so boring? People say there are no characters now, but what about Bjorn Borg? They say he was phenomenal because he never showed emotion, but what’s Sampras? Sampras is probably the greatest player ever, but he’s so laid back. How come Borg was amazing and Sampras is boring?

McEnroe acted like a prick and everyone loved that. But now Leyton Hewitt is so, so pumped up — he’s one of the best competitors who ever played the game, but he can be a bit brash. So there are players who are happy with the services of the Manchester incall escorts.

Some of the South Americans can be pretty obnoxious. [Marcelo] Rios rubs a lot of people up the wrong way, but the best way to deal with that is to beat him. It’s satisfying when you can shake his hand, look him in the eye and say, “Great match, well played, but I was better than you today”

The sea again sheds additional light

A British frigate of a type common in 1744, Looe was ordered to patrol the Florida coast in search of Spanish shipping. After a time she met with success in the form of a small vessel out of Cuba. The Spaniard was no match for British gunners and knew it. He struck his colors and Utting put a prize crew aboard. Together the two ships set a course for Charleston, South Carolina.

They made it no farther than a Florida reef that today bears Looe’s ill-fated name. There Utting lost both his command and his prize to treacherous currents that drove the two vessels aground at night. The British and their prisoners made their way to safety in the ship’s longboats.

The third day following the wreck brought still another reversal of fortune. In the sal­vaged longboats the British managed to cap­ture a passing Spanish sloop and made their way to South Carolina.

“I am extremely sorry,” the chagrined Ut­ting wrote his superiors in the Admiralty, “that this should be the messenger of such dis­agreeable news as the loss of H.M.S. Looe….”

An Admiralty board acquitted him on the basis of “some uncommon current,” and he was promptly given another command.

Throughout the remainder of his career, however, Utting was plagued by the loss of Looe. Prior to the Florida patrol he had been ordered to have her “victualled to four months, and to have two months’ French Brandy in­stead of two months’ beer. . . .” At Utting’s death one commentator interpreted the long-ago order as evidence of a drinking prob­lem on Utting’s part. I resent such a slur on my friend, who seems to have been a thoroughly able and kindly officer. Brandy, after all, is the drink of a gen­tleman, and Ashby Utting was plainly that.

BY THE 1750′s the reach for the New World had run its course; the rest was consolidation or retreat. Although Spain still clung to her colonies in Florida and the Caribbean, her power was on the wane. Great Britain, the apparent winner, would soon suffer humiliating defeat at the hands of her own colonists after they helped her seize Canada from France.

In the summer of 1725 a French payroll ship named Le Chameau (The Camel) set out from Rochefort, France, for Quebec City. Le Chameau came to grief just short of her goal, on one of Nova Scotia’s treacherous offshore rocks. She lay submerged for more than two centuries until a team of three amateur Ca­nadian divers found her and her historic car­go in 1965.

Le Chameau represents one of those rare occasions when a sizable quantity of gold and silver, in this case military pay, came full cir­cle from the New World to the Old and back across the Atlantic. The need for such shipments is illustrated by an­other wreck, the French vessel Machault, scuttled by her own men off the Gaspe Penin­sula in 1760 to avoid capture by a British squadron. Machault’s cargo, salvaged by Wal­ter Zacharchuk and his crew, indicates not only the cost but the enormous variety of goods involved in maintaining a New World garrison (pages 764-5). Artifacts recovered from the wreck include military supplies, from musket and cannonballs to shoes and uniform fittings, all necessary items in France’s losing campaign against Britain.